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Enterprise is a way of life - a life full of creativity, bold ideas to make a difference to other people.   We are B-Enterprising student PR team.  We want to showcase and build a vibrant, fun enterprising community on campus.

Pavinder Bhangu, EPS

Hello! I am part of the newly formed Student PR Team, in partnership with B-Enterprising. It is my job to highlight innovative and enterprising activity within the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (both within and beyond the students' curriculum) through a range of channels, such as social media, blogs and videos. Showcasing your stories is important to me because it will help to facilitate a spirit of enterprise across the University.

Through discovering about how your peers are becoming creative, I hope it will encourage you to adopt similar innovative ideas. This will really encourage you to ‘think outside the box’ in a way your degree probably does not. It will also make us stand out to employers, by showing the true potential of Birmingham University students.

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Lakshmipriya Venkatesan, LES

I am a friendly, enthusiastic 2nd year studying Biology in the University of Birmingham, who loves talking to people. I love reading and am passionate about writing. I enjoy coming up with creative ideas and implementing them, which encourages me to be more enterprising.

Finding about the enterprising stories of different students and learning more about their unique accomplishments is an intriguing and exciting prospect for me. I think that inspiring students to be more enterprising through the success stories of their peers would make them more confident and willing to take on challenges. I love being involved in the project and my favorite part if being able to write about the fantastic stories that the University of Birmingham holds within it.

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Amelia Lowe, COSS

Hello! I'm Amelia, and I’m studying History and Political Science. I'm representing UoB's College of Social Sciences for the newly formed Student PR Team, in partnership with B-Enterprising. We want to hear your enterprising stories, so we can promote your ideas and actions through social media, blogs and YouTube videos.

It's our goal to create a spirit of enterprise in the University, and by showcasing your enterprising activity, we can show employers what we're all capable of. So, are you enterprising and implementing one of your great ideas right now? If so, please let us know!

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Gideon Casey, CAL

Hello! I am Gideon Casey and I am representing the College of Arts and Law in the Student PR Team within B-Enterprising. My role is to look for enterprising and innovative activity within the college and to promote it on our different platforms so that prospective employers, future students and our community can see that UoB students and graduates are the best!

Being innovative and enterprising within the arts is not just setting up a business or making a product. You could be a member of a band, organising arts events in the city or be a tutor of some kind. We want to hear of any students that are making positive change in the University and in the community.

For more information about Enterprising within the Arts and to find out how to contact me, please message our Facebook page, email me or visit the B-Enterprising Blog.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Rachel Kahn, MDS

I’m Rachel and I am a second year Medical Science undergraduate. I’ll be working with the team of PR executive’s, focusing on un-covering enterprising activities within the college of Medical and Dental Sciences.

The capabilities of medical and science based students is inspiring and my aim is to highlight how students are using their initiative and creativity to undertake new and exciting projects. From students undertaking personal science projects in their summers, to students going out and teaching the public the basics of life support, we want to capture your stories so please get in contact and let us know you’re individual and enterprising stories!

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